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Quality Guaranteed

John Jones art surfaces are produced using premium quality materials. We use high-grade tulip hard wood for our stretchers and panels, which is less prone to warping or surface deterioration caused by off-gassing. Our high quality Belgian linen is renowned for its strength and durability.

Our products are all hand-made in the UK by highly skilled technicians in our north London and Hertfordshire workshops. Each item we produce is individually inspected and quality controlled. Many of our staff are practising artists who understand the needs and requirements of artists.

“It has been a joy getting to know the John Jones team, having had the privilege of working with them over the past few years. Their service and workmanship are consistently exceptional, making each stage of the framing process an absolute pleasure. The only danger is that their work is properly addictive - I can't get enough of their gesso panels and walnut frames! With their innovative collaborations, they are an invaluable support to the London arts community.”
Tamsin Relly, Professional Artist, 2015