Professional Artists Services

Professional Artists Services

Advice on Artist Materials

Our conservation experts often meet with professional artists that are concerned they are using materials in their artwork that may not last. Through our research and experience, we can help artists to find safe alternatives that will increase the life of their artwork without compromising on artistic intent.

Display Advice

Here at John Jones we have over 40 years of experience in designing and producing bespoke frame solutions to protect and showcase your fine art to its full potential. Our art conservation specialists can also advise on alternative display solutions and techniques to reduce risk to the artwork if a particular aesthetic is required outside of conservation framing.

Artist Studio Archives

The John Jones team can assist with the preservation, documentation and archiving of your artwork, fabrication techniques, and archive material.

Conducting Artist Interviews

Our team has training and experience with museum institutions in carrying out artist interviews to the highest standards. The aim of these interviews is to capture detail on an individual artist’s techniques, materials, intention and insight for posterity, academic and practical concerns. 

Condition Reports

The John Jones restoration team produce in-depth and legally binding condition reports for any artwork. These are produced for artwork loans, exhibitions, logistics and insurance purposes.

Artist Advocates

Trained members of our team also specialise in acting as a courier and advocate of professional artists to ensure their wishes are respected throughout the fine art installation process. This is often a necessary requirement for international exhibitions when the artist is not able to accompany and oversee their work throughout the handling, transportation and display process.

Sourcing and storage advice of unique artist materials, to ensure unusual materials are catered for in the future

Contemporary art faces unique preservation issues, particularly with the use of ephemeral materials. For example, Mike Nelson’s installation Coral Reef, which earned Nelson a nomination for the Turner Prize, is made up of 15 rooms with particular Islamic newspapers and Lenin books, a leather jacket, American biker magazines from the mid-1990s, posters, a clown mask, and other unusual materials. All of these objects require the sourcing of replacement copies in order to ensure the Tate’s ability to show this unique installation in 50 or 100 years time. Our team can assist with the sourcing and storage of unusual art materials, increasing the longevity of an artwork.

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Our professional quality artwork supports, kits and accessories are available to buy online, via email or over the telephone! If you'd like to discuss your needs further, contact our team to arrange a face-to-face consultation.

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