Primed Canvas

Primed Canvas

John Jones offers a range of pre-primed professional artist canvas as well as bottles of primer for artists who prefer to carry out canvas preparation independently. Canvas priming prevents oil from soaking into the canvas or linen, maximises the colour and prevents from rotting and long-term damage.Our high quality, museum standard canvases support application with consistency, meaning a painting entirely free of brush strokes can be achieved.

Our stretcher bars are made of the highest quality kiln dried FSC regulated tulip wood and moulded specifically to create a bespoke profile with a bevelled inner edge that forms a taut surface when stretched with canvas.  This moulding eliminates marks from the bars appearing on the canvas, producing a perfect painting surface.

The bars we produce are easily assembled using interlocking tenon joints with no need for adhesives or pins.  This means the bars can be unassembled for your convenience.

We recommend using crossbars every 100cm (40”), which are fitted with lap joints This secures the assembled stretcher and gives further support to the canvas.

Our stretcher bars come in the following depths:

Large (3.2cm)

Medium (2.5cm)

Small (2.2cm)

There is also options to increase the depth with beading in the following sizes:
¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1”,1½”, 2”

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A range of our most popular ready-made, pre-primed and pre-stretched canvases are available to buy online. To commission a bespoke shape or size, please place your order via email or over the telephone. If you'd like to discuss your needs further, contact our team to arrange a consultation.

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