Square Wooden Canvas Stretchers

Square Wooden Canvas Stretchers

All of our square wooden stretcher bars are produced from kiln dried FSC regulated tulip wood. The kiln drying process removes all moisture from the timber, creating a durable, strong canvas stretcher support with a low risk of splitting when nailed or stapled. This low emission hardwood has very few knots and is resistant to warping (if stored correctly), which is why it is also a popular material for manufacturing billiard cues!

Size and shape
Our square wooden stretchers can be made to order in any size. The largest single piece stretcher bar we can create is 12ft long, however if you would like to buy a larger stretcher bar frame then this can be produced in parts and joined with custom-made steel brackets. Our museum quality wooden stretcher supports are available in two set depths:

Large  1¼ inch (32mm) depth x  2 3/8 inches (60mm) width
Small  7/8 inch (22mm) depth x 1¾ inches (45mm) width

If a canvas is under insufficient tension, or the stretcher is not cut at an angle (bevelled), the canvas is likely to come into contact with the wood. Over time, this will result in the formation of stretcher bar marks, which are cracks in the paint. Both of our stretcher bar profiles include a quarter inch lip, which gives the necessary clearance between the canvas fabric and the underlying artwork stretcher frame to avoid stretcher bar marks.

Our stretchers are designed to be simple to assemble, with no need to use glues, nails or adhesives (which can be harmful to artwork). All you require is a tape measure and a wooden or rubber mallet, please follow our How to assemble a canvas stretcher guide for step by step instructions. The product is joined with a 45 degree interlocking tenon joint, which is far more resistant to the pressure of stretching than lap joints (commonly used by other fabricators).

Cross Bars
We recommend that a crossbar is added to your custom-made canvas stretcher for lengths over 40" (101cm) to provide extra stability. For example, for a 40" x 30" you would need 1 crossbar across the shorter length, whilst for an 80" x 60", you would need 2 short crossbars and 1 long crossbar. The total depth of your artwork stretcher bar can be increased by adding beading to the profiles. Beading is available in ¼, ½, ¾, 1, 2 and 3 inch depths and is also made from our specially selected tulip wood.

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Shop and customise our popular square canvas stretchers via our online configurator tool. Kiln dried FSC regulated tulip wood. Small, medium and large profile depth options.

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Our hand-made wooden canvas stretcher bars are available to buy in a range of sizes online, via email or over the telephone! If you'd like to discuss your needs further, contact our team to arrange a face-to-face consultation.

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