Aluminium Art Panels

Aluminium Art Panels

An aluminium painting panel is more rigid, light and ultra-smooth than a canvas artwork support and has many conservation benefits. Aluminium art panels are very lightweight, making them ideal for large-scale work which needs to be transported. Aluminium is also an inert material and releases no emissions (unlike wood which can release harmful gases over time). If your studio is prone to changes in humidity and temperature, aluminium will not react to this shift in environment (unlike wooden panels which can warp if stored incorrectly in a damp environment).

These lightweight metal art panels can also be etch-primed, providing a slight tooth for paint to grip to. The artwork primer is ideal for both oil painting and acrylic painting as it is naturally white in colour and slightly absorbent. If you prefer a bright white panel finish, we can add a coat of oil or acrylic primer to the etched surface of your metallic artwork panel. Alternatively, enamel paint can be applied directly to the raw aluminium. This is a slippery surface, which is ideal if you like to move the paint around. Aluminium painting panels also look great if areas are left exposed, as the material won’t tarnish due to its resistance to oxidation.

Our technicians are able to produce metal art panels up to 4 x 2 metres in size with depths of ¾”, 1", 1 ½”, 2". We can also create custom aluminium artist panels in a variety of unusual or bespoke shapes.

Floating Aluminium Artist Panels
A floating aluminium artwork support is similar to an aluminium artist panel, however the sub-frame is set back from the edge of the aluminium sheet. This means that when the artwork is mounted onto a wall, the surface appears to float. This has all the same qualities as a regular professional artwork panel, but visually is a more delicate solution. John Jones can also cut aluminium sheets to virtually any shape or size.

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Shop and customise our popular aluminium artists painting panels via our online configurator. Etching available.Sizes up to 4 x 2 metres.

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Our bespoke hand-made panels are not yet available to buy online, however you can order a range of shapes, sizes and finishes via email or over the telephone! If you'd like to discuss your needs further, contact our team to arrange a face-to-face consultation.

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