Hermes Lucas photography exhibition at Myriam Boualgal Galerie, Paris 12 November

Hermes Lucas photography exhibition at Myriam Boualgal Galerie, Paris 12 November


at Myriam Boualgal Galerie. Paris

A series inspired by the sculpture grounds in pediments monuments of architecture and the play of light that gives life to these sculptures, almost monochromatic manner. Photographs that show humanity at a time convergent and divergent, but with a spirit of egalitarianism incomparable compositions sculptures classics.
The exhibits demonstrate fluid humanity in both extreme convergence and divergence but there is a spirit of egalitarianism in the compositions. The style draws from Hermes's early passion for sketching and drawing and lends itself even more to this chiaroscuro interpretation. This is enhanced by the use of obsolete film transparencies, which seem "burnt" for both colour and black and white prints. The contrasting effect does not reduce the figures to a dark negative space but instead reinforces the imposing presence of inhabitants claiming their place on the planet and their natural surroundings. The choice of moments of dramatic weather conditions, whether wind or sandstorms or waves is to stress further the natural coexistence with the inhabitants in all conditions, which to an alien visiting, the planet may seem strange or inhospitable. In terms of the shapes and forms, the choice is influenced by a classical aesthetic and ancient Greek sculpture as well as impressionism and the pre-raphaelites (while true to a photo-reportage style of capturing key moments). 


Opening of the exhibition on November 12th from 3pm - 6pm, Exhibition runs 12 November 2016 to 24 December 2016.

John Jones were pleased to provide framing for this exhibition.

Image courtesy Hermes Lucas: Photo : tous droits réservés

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