Danny Rolph, East Central at CNB Gallery

Danny Rolph, East Central at CNB Gallery

Danny Rolph – East Central

28th September – 6th November 2016. 


Curator Sharon Newton is pleased to present new work by the acclaimed British artist Danny Rolph, in conjunction with Mark HIX and Director of CNB Gallery, Rebecca Lidert. This will be Rolph's first solo exhibition in London for four years. 

Entitled East Central, the show is an installation made up of four of Rolph’s signature ‘triplewall’ paintings, each one drawing on the artist’s memories of growing up in East Central London, offering an extraordinary palimpsest of historical and modern architecture, skyscapes and light. 

Rolph says: ‘I grew up in the sky, one hundred foot above City Road. The view from our kitchen window contained sunset and sunrises of the type that Tiepolo imagines populated by architectural silhouettes of St Pauls, The Old Bailey and the Post Office Tower. Above this, aeroplanes flashed, and below cars screeched. Needless to say this left an indelible impression, elements of which I’ve sought to bring together in my work ’  

Rolph’s seemingly chaotic and colourful paintings are created by layering polycarbonate with expressionistic brushwork and collaged imagery, explosions of geometric shapes with kaleidoscopic movement. Abstract and anarchic yet controlled, they are characterised by a sense of energy and dynamism. 



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Image: EC2, 2016, mixed media on triple wall, 100 x 240cm