Top Tips for Collectors

Top Tips for Collectors

John Jones is a global centre of excellence in the preservation and presentation of fine art. Established in north London during the 1960s we have developed an international reputation for the commitment to the care of art and have become the trusted partner to some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and collectors.

We advise collectors to follow these top tips to prolong the longevity of their collection:

Conservation & Collection Care

Have your art collection condition checked regularly. Don’t think just because an artwork is already framed it is protected. If a work is framed using bad quality materials acid migration can take place causing yellowing and degradation of artwork.


Be aware of an art works preservation considerations, and work with your framer to ensure the artwork is best protected with the most up to date framing materials, such as acid free cotton mount boards and UV protective glazing.

Also consider framing materials from an aesthetic perspective. Ask yourself questions; how reflective do you want the glazing? Do you want to turn the volume up on the frame to make it sing or tone it down? How do you want the work of art to be read?


Ensure the artwork is safely secured and suitable hanging systems are employed. Avoid using string and thin wire; instead strap-hangers and split batons are advisable as both help to distribute the weight of the frame.

Consider the humidity. In order to ensure the longevity artwork should be hung in a stable atmosphere where the temperature and humidity levels are not susceptible to rapid change.


Consider the light levels. Artworks subjected to daylight can suffer fading, discolouration and enbrittlement as a consequence. If you wish to directly light a work of art use lighting which is in line with CIBSE Lighting Guide LG8 for museums and art galleries. These lights protect rather than emit damaging light rays such as ultra violet and infrared, and emit extremely low levels of heat.

Our experienced design consultants and conservators are happy to advise you on the best approach to preserving your art collection.

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