John Jones framing for Sebastiaan Bremer’s Σπήλαιο (Spilaio) exhibit at Hales Gallery

John Jones framing for Sebastiaan Bremer’s Σπήλαιο (Spilaio) exhibit at Hales Gallery

On 2nd February 2015, Hales Gallery launched Σπήλαιο (Spilaio), its fourth solo exhibition with Dutch-born, New York-based artist Sebastiaan Bremer. The exhibition, taking its title from the Greek word Σπήλαιο (spilaio), meaning “cave”, comes to life through an amalgamation of various elements, objects and media combined to create a single large-scale installation occupying the entire space of the gallery. In myths and folklore caves have long been regarded as entryways into the Underworld and as links to sacred existences. Σπήλαιο (Spilaio) is precisely that – an entryway into the different layers of Bremer’s practice and an exploration of his inspirations, from classical sculpture to totemic objects and modernist photography.

For his two-dimensional works, Bremer employs various techniques to distort and change the image and the surface of the photograph: cutting and carving away sections of emulsion, which are then backfilled with paint, or using ink and photographic dyes to produce fine patterns of lines reminiscent of cobwebs or readings from seismographs. For Σπήλαιο (Spilaio), this layering of mediums on a two-dimensional surface of a photograph has been recreated in the space of the gallery, with the installation acting as a three-dimensional realisation of the artist’s two-dimensional photographic pieces, brought to life through a blending of modernist and pre-historical influences and layering of objects and media.

Sebastiaan Bremer’s Σπήλαιο (Spilaio) runs from 3 February - 21 March 2015.

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John Jones team of expert designers and technicians framed the works for this exhibition to museum standards using first-class presentation techniques to highlight and protect the stunning works. Bremer’s two-dimensional mixed media works were carefully secured using special Japanese paper hinges onto rigid acid free paper covered aluminium supports. The mounted works were fitted into minimal poplar wood frame profiles which were sprayed to a superior heritage white finish and glazed with UV protective Perspex.

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