Penelope Kupfer exhibits at The Vaults Gallery in January 2015

Penelope Kupfer exhibits at The Vaults Gallery in January 2015

John Jones was pleased to provide artist surfaces and frame selected works for Penelope Kupfer's upcoming exhibition, Insects, at The Vault Gallery this January. The exhibition brings together contemplative and meditative research into the concept of food through the pretext of a polemic dish: insects. The idea behind the artist’s drawings is that eating choices are also the manifestation of an anxiety related to immortality. Eating is the wish to perpetuate one’s existence.

Penelope Kupfer discusses her work here: “My work is interested in the anxieties behind the food choices we make as well as the anxieties of the chosen contexts where food is consumed. Why are certain things considered disgusting, when others are considered to be normal?”                                                                                                                             

Kupfer's work is a slow and autonomous process. Repetitive and cyclical, the artist ruminates over the insects, deconstructing them into an infinitude of tiny intricate parts within an endless choreography of circles. Drawing those insects is losing herself into the detail in the hope of finding something by accident.

Kupfer's work has been featured in exhibitions in London, Berlin, New York and Sao Paulo, including MoMA NY and a series of workshops at the Tate Britain. In her first solo exhibition at The Vaults Gallery, she will present 24 original new works, alongside a series of hand finished screen prints.

Opening times: 8th – 24th January 2015, Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 7pm

Address: The Vaults, Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN



The John Jones artist surfaces craftspeople produced a selection of aluminium panels sprayed with a mixture of acrylic gesso primers to create a suitable surface for Kupfer’s artistic approach.

For more information on the bespoke artist surfaces John Jones make to order follow this link.

To protect Kupfer’s delicate ink on paper works the John Jones design consultants chose to fix them using museum quality Japanese hinges and paper tabs to a selection of ridged backing supports such as cotton museum board and inert aluminium. Each work was displayed in a soft sanded poplar wood profile, sprayed in coats of a superior white finish and glazed in UV protective Perspex. Together the materials chosen will preserve the works of art against long term degradation caused by acid migration and damaging light rays.

To find out about the conservation benefits from framing a work of art using museum standard materials click here.