Beetles+Huxley collaborate with Osborne Samuel for The Photographers 2014 exhibition

Beetles+Huxley collaborate with Osborne Samuel for The Photographers 2014 exhibition

Beetles+Huxley present a collaborative exhibition with Osborne Samuel to celebrate the enormous variety and influence of photography through the ages. The exhibition titled, The Photographers 2014, runs from 20th November – 23rd December. This major exhibition crosses both of these leading London galleries to showcase over 150 important photographs from the nineteenth century to the present day. The exhibition displays a range of arresting and iconic imagery from all periods of this ground-breaking medium, including works by legendary photographers Henri Cartier- Bresson, Horst P. Horst, Robert Mapplethorpe, Bill Brandt, Man Ray and Cecil Beaton.

The exhibition is a rare opportunity to see old masters of the medium and contemporary leaders featured side by side, raising some unexpected and interesting comparisons, such as Edouard Baldus’ architectural survey of nineteenth century Paris against the ultra-modern multiple exposure city-scapes of Michael Najjar. Equally as intriguing is the juxtaposition of Laura Letinsky’s unique colour still life collages and the masterful still life works of Edward Weston and Irving Penn.

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For this Beetles+Huxley exhibition, John Jones provided a range of high quality, bespoke framing solutions. Each frame was run in carefully selected FSC regulated hard wood, ranging from poplar to utile, selected for their grain type and tone to complement the artwork. The frames were joined using a variety of processes depending on the aesthetic value and strength of each join. Examples of joins used include two splice slot joins and underpinning. At John Jones, we have our own woodmill onsite at our Herefordshire workshop making the design possibilities limitless.

The frame finishes range from; soft sanded edges, black or warm white rising spray finishes, and dark oak stains and waxes.

The selection of esteemed photographic works were mounted in a variety of different presentation formats including Mylar photo corners, dry mounting on to cotton museum board, and window mounted using heritage white un-buffered mounts.

To prevent the long term damage of vintage prints, museum editions were used for their conservation benefits including off gassing foil which prevents acid migration and yellowing of artworks.

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To find out more about the museum editions available and their long term conservation benefit follow this link

Image Credit: Round the clock 1, New York, 1987, Horst, Horst P. (1906-1999) Silver Gelatin Print, Printed Later, 11 1/2 X 9 Inches, image courtesy of Beetles+Huxley and Osborne Samuel.