Stuart Semple: Anxiety Generation at Delahunty Fine Art 12 November - 7 December

Stuart Semple: Anxiety Generation at Delahunty Fine Art 12 November - 7 December

Following his own near-death experience at the age of 19, Stuart Semple turns his attention from his own personal anxiety issues to those of his wider generation for his forthcoming exhibition at the newly opened premises in Mayfair, Delahunty Fine Art this November. Continuing from the success of Suspended Disbelief, an 18-room immersive experience spread across the Heritage Rooms at Victoria House during Frieze Week in 2013, Stuart Semple returns with a renewed focus exclusively on painting using John Jones quality artist surfaces.

Stuart Semple’s intention for the new series of paintings is to highlight his belief in an anxiety crisis which the current generation is facing. He explains: “My generation is the fulcrum for decades of anxiety and we have been made so inert and fearful that we dare not even face it to understand what it is...We are fearful of strangers, unknown viruses, intimate relationships, one another, old age, death and ultimately bits of ourselves, because we are human and every day the media convinces us that humans are inherently perverse.”

In Anxiety Generation Stuart Semple focuses his well-practiced language of sampled popular culture, intense imagery, song lyrics, direct humour and text towards a defined agenda of playing the image world at its own game. Promising to be every bit as poignant, potent and outspoken as any of his previous projects, and delivered in his trademark colour-fuelled style, the new collection utilizes adult themes of sex, violence and horror to make his point.

John Jones were please to work with Semple on this exhibition to provide professional quality artist canvases with FSC regulated tulip wood stretcher bars for this forthcoming exhibition. His large scale surfaces are hand-made by our experienced craftspeople in our Hertfordshire wood-mill.

If you are looking for a high quality large scale canvases or you would like more information about John Jones Artist Surfaces, please contact our consultants who will be happy to discuss options on 020 7561 8181 or email Visit our website for information on the other artist’s grounds we provide. 

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Find out more about Stuart Semple’s new paintings via his website

Image credit: Anxiety Generation works in-situ courtesy of Delahunty Gallery, 2014.