Pop-up Exhibition of TIMEOUT & EXODUS by Marcus Lyon at 101/, 1st floor West Wing, Somerset House

Pop-up Exhibition of TIMEOUT & EXODUS by Marcus Lyon at 101/, 1st floor West Wing, Somerset House

Image: Marcus Lyon EXODUS IV - Hong Kong, China (2010)

John Jones have embarked on an exciting project with artist Marcus Lyon, to print, frame and install Lyon’s iconic series of artworks for the forthcoming 101/Lyon pop-up exhibition. The pop up, in collaboration with 101/, TM lighting and Somerset House is on display from 24th October to 22nd April, at 101 in the West Wing of Somerset House. The pop-up aims to blur the line between public and ‘private’ creative space and endeavours to bring new thinking to the people we work with and the spaces we create in.

In an age where many of us find identity through what we do and own in contrast to whom we are, the work of Marcus Lyon is a timely reminder of the need for us to ask the deeper questions behind our roles as individuals and as a community in a society increasingly disconnected from reality.

Lyon’s work has attracted acclaim and awards in equal measure over the years through his ability to inspire conversations about and search for meaning in our global mass behaviour. His work on urbanisation, migration and recreation draws on a background of social advocacy, yet his images recall science fiction. In their construction, the compositions allude visually to religion and technology, suggesting vast cathedral-like spaces and the all-seeing complexity of the computer motherboard. Unlike Gursky, who meticulously veils unwanted elements from existing environments, Lyon lays bare the construction that is his methodology. He builds fantastical allegories that revel in their depiction of human endeavour and failure. These are images that strike at the heart of the present but are borne out of a very human, emotional and even spiritual intent.

EXODUS (2012) explores the most significant migrations of the early 21st Century. As the ability of humans, goods and services to circumnavigate the planet increases exponentially we are left disconnected from a simple view of our common identity. Indeed, as our economic and geo-political differences intensify, the unstoppable movement and expansion of actual and digital assets challenge the power of the individual in society, the state and corporations to control opinions, actions and environments.

TIMEOUT (2014) examines a world where the search for safety and shelter has taken a secondary role. As the billion planet dwellers that no longer need to satisfy their basic needs search for meaning they turn to exploration. As the desire for escape intensifies, we unleash an unstoppable quest for release through consumption. Whether through budget air tourism, industrial food production or the mega rich’s super yachts, a systemically significant part of the human race defines itself by endeavouring to conquer the natural rhythms of the earth through recreation.

TIMEOUT & EXODUS by Marcus Lyon at 101/, 1st floor West Wing, Somerset House, is available for viewing by appointment only from 24th October 2014 – 22nd April 2015, 10.00 – 17.00 weekdays, via the West Wing Reception. Call +44 20 7870 8101 to arrange a viewing.