Beetles + Huxley presents Sebastiao Salgado from 8 October –  8 November

Beetles + Huxley presents Sebastiao Salgado from 8 October –  8 November

Epic, awe-inspiring, moving and important: Sebastião Salgado’s photographs are revered by public and critics the world over. This exhibition celebrates Salgado’s extraordinary contribution to the medium.

This October Beetles + Huxley Gallery, London, will host an exciting exhibition with an astonishing collection of pictures from every part of Salgado’s forty year long career.

Born in 1944 in Aimorés, Brazil, Sebastião Salgado is one of today’s most important photographers. In one of the most exciting photography exhibitions in London this autumn, Beetles + Huxley will exhibit a comprehensive cross-section of Salgado’s work from his illustrious career to date. Including works from his famous series Workers, Terra, Migrations, Sahel: The End of the Road, and Genesis the exhibition positions Salgado as the world’s preeminent photographer of humanity and its struggle to survive against a raw and powerful mother nature.

Salgado’s most famous, early series was taken during 1986 at the Serra Palada gold mine in Brazil – a famously controversial mine that employed thousands of local workers in appalling, perilous conditions. They were published all over the world, and the vertigo-inducing pictures revealed the scale of the Dante-esque hell endured by the miners.

These photographs set the tone for the exhibition at Beetles + Huxley, which opens with a group of four of the best-known images from this series. The exhibition contains further sets from other long‐term projects over the next 28 years, and takes the viewer on a black and white, Biblical journey from the ship-breaking yards of Bangladesh to the frozen wastelands of the Arctic. Like those early Brazilian pictures, Salgado’s subsequent photography uses cinematic composition and high-contrast printing to intensify the ready drama of his subject matter. It is a powerful combination, and leaves the viewer in little doubt as to Salgado’s politics, his interest in inequality and his passion for ecology – themes that resonate throughout the exhibition.

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John Jones framed 20 works for this exhibition using a sleek bevelled lime wood profile. The works were mounted with museum standard photo corners and a warm white rising acid free mount board. The profiles were sprayed black to bring out the high contrast on Salgado’s striking photographs and were glazed with a ultra violet light protective glazing which is ideal for photographic prints on paper.

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