TM Lighting showcase in The Arts Building Viewing Room

TM Lighting showcase in The Arts Building Viewing Room

John Jones is pleased to have collaborated with TM Lighting to create a stylish, energy saving, and interchangeable lighting scheme for our new client Viewing Room. This scheme not only enhances the work of art by ensuring even light distribution, but is one which upholds our conservation standards. Each design protects rather than emits damaging light such as ultra violet and infrared, as well as emitting extremely low levels of heat, to keep in line with CIBSE Lighting Guide LG8 for museums and art galleries.

TM Lighting Directors Andrew Molyneux and Harry Triggs commented:

"Art framed brilliantly, with perfectly balanced lighting, changes the art viewing experience. The combination of TM Lighting’s expertise in the John Jones Viewing Room, gives people the opportunity to experience art in the best possible light. The flat print can appear in 3D once it’s had the TM Lighting treatment for instance.”

TM Lighting have used a low voltage track and high colour rendition Zero Sixty LED spotlights to accent the John Jones collection artworks, on the main Arts Building Viewing Room wall. These spotlights allow for lighting to be altered in the room according to the work displayed, for maximum flexibility, as our artwork displays are constantly changing in order to showcase framed pieces for clients. The spotlights can be carefully positioned to avoid the reflected glare in the glass, whether works are displayed on an easel or a wall.

TM Lighting’s award-winning TM Picture Light and the new TM Slim Light are also used to accent wall-hung paintings to achieve a museum grade lighting effect in our Viewing Room. TM Lighting products can be tailored to complement modern or classical settings. Both picture lights we have selected feature special finishes, which complement the artworks we have on display.

The conservation standards of these lights paired with their high quality finishes can be replicated in the home for your own personal collection. At John Jones we recommend investing in TM lighting products to showcase your collection at its best. To find out more information please visit their website.