Laura Lancaster exhibits at Workspace London until 24th May

Laura Lancaster exhibits at Workspace London until 24th May

Paintings by the renowned artist and friend of John Jones, Laura Lancaster, are on display in Workspace Galleries Mayfair space until 24th May. The exhibition is by appointment only so we recommend you contact the gallery early to ensure you don’t miss her melancholic portraits.

Laura Lancaster has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions across Japan, America, and Europe. She is a multi-award winning painter whose works are housed in many important public and private collections such as The Zabludowic Collection, The Government Art Collection and The British Council. She is well known for her loose, expressive mark making, and layered application of thin washes of paint.

Workspace Gallery, based in Gateshead, was founded in 2005 by artists Paul Moss and Miles Thurlow and has grown to a second space here in London which aims to complement their Gateshead programme. They represent artists such as Eric Bainbridge, Joe Clark, Jennifer Douglas and Mike Pratt, and will be exhibiting the work of Hugo Canoilas at Art Basel Hong Kong 15th – 18th May.

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We are delighted to have made a variety of acrylic primed, fine linen canvases for Laura’s current exhibition. The fine linen makes the surfaces we provide ideal for her loose painterly approach, whilst the smooth acrylic primer base allows her to explore drip marks. To discuss the variety of linen surfaces we provide please contact a member of our dedicated artist surfaces team via this link.