Swarovski Whitechapel Art Icon Award Winner announced as Howard Hodgkin

Swarovski Whitechapel Art Icon Award Winner announced as Howard Hodgkin

The inaugural Swarovski Whitechapel Art Icon Award was awarded to renowned British painter, Howard Hodgkin, for his services to contemporary art for over half a century, at Whitechapel’s Gala Dinner on 2nd April.

Often described as a “Living Master”, Hodgkin, who in his 80’s and confined to a wheelchair, is still producing some of his most expressive works to date. Hodgkin’s bold blocks of colour echo Rothko, his ability to capture light is reminiscent of Turner, whilst his unfinished brushstrokes link to a specific place and time, which results in very emotive pieces.

12 emerging and established artists donated their work in homage to Hodgkin’s achievements and were auctioned during the Gala Dinner by Christie’s Tom Best. Proceeds went towards Whitechapel’s Education and Community programme in order to continue to fund supporting 15,000 children and young people per year through a series of workshops and events.

The artists who have kindly donated works are; Caroline Achaintre, Charlie Billingham, Luke Dowd, Adham Faramawy, Andy Harper, Zara Matthews, Christian Newby, Robert Ochardson, Bruno Pacheco, Hannah Perry, Henrijs Preiss and Lara Viana.

Hodgkin’s next exhibition will be in at the Gagosian Gallery in Paris throughout June for a fantastic array of expressive paintings.

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John Jones is proud to have worked with Whitechapel Gallery to frame the works for this auction. Our talented technicians produced frames in a variety of finishes such as our conservation grade American Walnut wood. Our art work presentation team have displayed the works with a range of cotton raised mounts and museum standard paper tab fixings. John Jones not only provides the highest standards of artwork preservation and presentation, our innovative designers work closely with artists to create surfaces and works. Charlie Billingham’s ‘Pineapple’ was fabricated by the John Jones team and sprayed the striking melon yellow shade.