‘Pangaea; New Art from Africa and Latin America’ is Now Open

‘Pangaea; New Art from Africa and Latin America’ is Now Open

Saatchi’s new blockbuster exhibition ‘Pangaea; New Art from Africa and Latin America’ opened 2nd April and will be on show until 31st August. The exhibition takes its name from a supercontinent formed 300 million years ago which included what we now know as Africa and Latin America. The exhibition includes many established artists as well as names to watch out for.

A large amount of the exhibiting artists are represented by John Jones client, Jack Bell Gallery, such as Benin based photographer, Leonce Raphael Agbodjiloum, whose series ‘Citizens of Porto Noro’ focuses on the women of his hometown in the surrounding of his colonial house.

Jack Bell Gallery also represent artist, Aboudia, from the Ivory Coast, whose paintings reflect the violence which took place there after the 2010 presidential elections as well as Boris Nzebo whose graphic paintings draw upon his hometown of Gabon.

John Jones have re-stretched the works of Aboudia and Boris Nzebo onto conservation grade tulip wood stretcher bars for the exhibition as well as provided high resolution digital photographs of the works as part of our collection management services.

Other standout works at the exhibition include the Rafael Gomesbarros’ installation ‘Casa Tomada’ whith 440, 90cm fiberglass ants crawling over the gallery walls, and Ibrrahim Mahama’s coal sack stitched drapes.

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