Lubomorov-Easton Project Space exhibit ‘Into and Out of Abstraction’.

Lubomorov-Easton Project Space exhibit ‘Into and Out of Abstraction’.

Danny Rolph is set to exhibit alongside Gunther Herbst and Colin Crumplin, from 26th April – 21st June, at Lubomirov-Easton, in an exhibition entitled ‘Into and Out of Abstraction’. The showcase explores three contrasting artistic approaches which address the relationship abstract painting has with reality. Together the artists prove abstraction is still relevant today.

John Jones loyal client, Danny Rolph, translates, ‘the world into abstraction,’ and back again. He references reality by including recognisable objects and human forms. He merges these forms with painterly abstract marks, in works such as ‘Mexico Drift’.

Gunther Herbst takes a different approach and presents, ‘abstraction in the world,’ by turning geometric collages into landscapes. Whilst Colin Crumplin’s diptych’s move, ‘from abstraction to the world.’ He matches his abstract paintings to forms taken from reality. In ‘Parrot Tulip’ expressive brushstrokes are paired with delicate petals.

Lubomirov-Easton is an ALISN Project Space (Artist Led Initiative Support Network). Open from 12:30 – 5:30pm, Thursday – Saturday, in Deptford. For more info on the Lumbomirov-Easton’s forthcoming exhibition programme please visit their website.

The John Jones Project Space is also launching a new upcoming programme of events starting 5th June. Find out more about our first show by Dublin-based mixed media artist Teresa Gillespie here.