Auction Records for Post War Scandinavian Modern Design

Auction Records for Post War Scandinavian Modern Design

Appeal endures for Scandinavian designs produced between the period after the Second World War and the end of the 1960’s according to recent auction records. Timeless designs by renowned names such as Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen and Frits Henningsen have seen an increase in sales realised, and Christie’s, Phillips and Bonhams have all reported higher total sales for Scandinavian furniture in 2013. Auction houses are sensing this growth and reacting by adding more Scandinavian Modern items to their Interior Design sales. Since the growth of the market interest for Contemporary Art and Sculpture during the past decade, Scandinavian Modern design has also undergone a change in perception. Not only is it now appreciated by a niche market, it is also accepted by collectors of works of art.

Richard Wright, Founder and Director and the auction house Wright, says; “This area of the market has consistently outperformed at auction,” because, “the qualities of clean finishes and strong craftsmanship still resonates with collectors.” The fusion of organic sculptural forms with comfort and functionality provided by Scandinavian Modern designs echoes modernist principles and is a welcome feature in any home.

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