Vee Speers Exhibition at The Little Black Gallery

Vee Speers Exhibition at The Little Black Gallery

Boutique photography venue The Little Black Gallery is exhibiting Australian born, Paris based Photographer, Vee Speers’ long awaited exhibition, Bordello, until 12th April.

Speers explores femininity and sensuality, which Paris’ nightlife in the 1920’s and 1930’s was famed for, through a seductive body of work shot on location at Bordello’s former venue. According to Karl Lagerfeld, “She [Speers] shows beauty where beauty can be terribly absent.”

The sensual pieces were printed using a ‘hand-rendered Fresson charcoal’ which adds a soft painterly finish to make the photographs appear authentic.

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Speers’ exhibited her series, The Birthday Party, in the John Jones project space in 2011 and we framed the series when it was presented in 2012 at The Little Black Gallery. For Speers’ exhibition, our technicians produced a variety of tulip wood frames with UV protective glazing and mounted the prints using photo corners. The materials used were carefully considered by our consultants to ensure the quality of the works is maintained over time.

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