The New John Jones Arts Building

The New John Jones Arts Building

We are delighted to introduce our new headquarters, The Arts Building, in Finsbury Park. Our new building is a place for our staff and clients to meet and discuss artwork, for us to hold educational events – talks, seminars, workshops – around the subjects of art, its presentation and its protection, and for us to carry out frame design, collection care, research, conserve artwork and complete our world famous museum quality frames. The John Jones Arts Building is a centre of excellence, where art comes from around the world for our team to work their magic.

Based over 6 floors, the 57,000 square foot building houses our design studios, a 1,000 sq ft conservation room, photography, fitting and artwork presentation workshops. All our frames are made by our team in Hertfordshire and delivered daily to Finsbury Park for fitting. Artwork remains in Finsbury Park where we have specialist humidity and climate controlled storage facilities.

Designed by David Gallagher Associates, the new building also houses our 1,000 square foot not-for-profit Project Space. Dedicated to the presentation and understanding of contemporary art, we aim to deliver an ambitious international programme of exhibitions, events, offsite projects and outreach activities. Our focus on emerging national or mid-career international artists means that we will frequently provide the first substantial presentation of an artist’s work in London.

The Project Space will open with a new installation by Dublin-based artist Teresa Gillespie that will approach the sensuous and intrusive space of touch through mixed media, forming an immersive environment that simultaneously appeals to and repels the visitor.

The John Jones Arts Building is located just around the corner from our old office and our address will change back to the original:

John Jones
The Arts Building
Morris Place
London N4 3JG

Please see the map for details. The entrance is clearly signposted from both the Finsbury Park Tube Station and road.

We are really excited to have a new home for our services and creative projects, and look forward to welcoming you to our new Arts Building.