Art and Science - Join the Debate at the Hertford Theatre

Art and Science - Join the Debate at the Hertford Theatre

Andrew Stevenson will be chairing a debate, sponsored by Global Eye Art, on March 7th from 6:30-8:00pm at the Hertford Theatre. The discussion will confront the interrelation of ‘Art and Science’. Tickets cost £10 from Courtyard Arts.

Speakers will include esteemed artists; Susan Aldworth and Andrew Carnie. Aldworth exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery in 2013 and Carnie at The Science Museum. They both feature on Radio 4 discussion panels regularly and are used to airing their informed views.

The debate is part of an accompanying programme for both ‘Art and Science’ exhibitions held at Courtyard Arts and Hertford Theatre. They will run concurrently between the 4th and 29th of March.

Hertford Theatre will present a solo exhibition of the mixed media artist Christopher Benton whose work draws inspiration from the medical imagery he sees daily when working as a MRI Neuro-Radiographer.

Courtyard Arts will showcase a group exhibition of selected participants who use scientific theories to inform their art. Highlights will include Carnie’s Silkscreen Prints.

John Jones framed Carnie’s work for display to museum standards, and our technicians used conservation grade tulip wood, finished in Warm White Rising, and secured them with acid free museum paper tabs to ensure the work’s longevity.

To find out more about our museum quality framing standards

For those interested in the interplay between both Art and Science, more information about the exhibitions and the debate is available here