Unique Opens at Jessica Carlisle Gallery on 18th February

Unique Opens at Jessica Carlisle Gallery on 18th February

Jessica Carlisle’s exciting new venture intends to bring the work of ‘serious and intelligent’ upcoming artists to a wider audience through public exhibitions and private events. Her gallery’s new exhibition, Unique, disrupts traditional printing processes and their relationship to repetition and uniformity, and showcases three talented artists, Vera Boele-Keimer, Olivia Krimpas and Whitney McVeigh, who will each present works that question the notion of uniqueness within the printed format.

Vera Boele-Keimer explores the subtleties of the hand-crafted in her woodblock grids, Olivia Krimpas combines painting, drawing and multiple etching plates to create colourful layers and rhythmic marks, and Whitney McVeigh works in a variety of media from found objects and large monotypes which ‘embody sense of time and human imprint.’

Unique runs for one week only from February 18th - 22nd at 83 Kinnerton Street in Knightsbridge and is a great example of how artists are re-exploring the medium of print for its hand-made qualities.

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