Exhibition - Tom Hunter at Purdy Hicks

Exhibition - Tom Hunter at Purdy Hicks

Fans of striking landscape and landmark photography will not want to miss ‘Axis Mundi’ by Tom Hunter, re-opening after the Christmas break from January 6th until January 18th at Purdy Hicks Gallery.

Since his childhood growing up in Dorset visiting forts and burial mounds, and his teenage years spent attending the Stonehenge free festival, Hunter has been fascinated with the ancient stones that line the landscape of South West England.

The dramatic skies that light up Hunter’s photographs Chun Quoit and The Cove make them highlights of the Axis Mundi series, featuring bursts of warm red tones and interesting cloud patterns which draw your attention to the aged monuments. For Hunter the stones he captures are: “powerful totems with the ability to transport to magical and imagined worlds.” Their forms allow you to access the historical traces in these landscapes, but also allow the viewer to make their own anecdotal relationships.

Tom Hunter also has work on display at the V&A alongside Cindy Sherman and Duane Michals investigating photography’s ability to present the imagined. Look out for an exhibition of never before seen work by the artist at LCC’s Upper Street Gallery.

John Jones is pleased to have a long-standing relationship with Purdy Hicks Gallery, framing many of their exhibitions to a museum quality for display.

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