Design Council £3.2m EDIP commission

Design Council £3.2m EDIP commission

The Design Council is heading a £3.2m European commission fund to build the European Design Innovation Platform, or EDIP. A consortium of 14 partner organisations has been formed to ‘Share the power of design with European Industry’, including the Estonian Design Centre, Nesta and Greece’s Cultural Development Centre. Together they will promote ‘design-driven innovation’ in order to highlight its relationship with increased efficiency in public services and business growth.

The EDIP aims to produce a web platform so that aspiring designers may learn about applying design innovation across both public and private sectors in Europe. This website; “will act as a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in finding out the latest tools and techniques for applying design and making connections.” The EDIP will also launch a programme of events for European business professionals to discover the role of design in growth and investment.

The EDIP’s intention is to increase creative jobs and boost overall EU innovation over a 3 year period. The Design Council’s evaluation report, ‘Design Delivers for Business’, shows clear results; “every pound invested in design translates into £4.12 net operating profit, £20+ net turnover.”

We are glad to see future design talent secure funding, support and promotion and look forward to the valuable web platform launch!

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