Dale Chihuly: Beyond the Object at Halcyon Gallery

Dale Chihuly: Beyond the Object at Halcyon Gallery

Time-honoured John Jones client, Halcyon Gallery, will be showcasing the work of internationally acclaimed American artist, Chihuly, from 8th February – 5th April 2014. Famous for his colourful glass sculptures which innovatively blur the line between craft and art, he and his team have had an un-rivalled influence on the development of glass-blowing as a medium for large-scale assemblages and installations.

Chihuly will transform the New Bond Street gallery space by responding to its interior architecture with his signature hand-blown glass sculptures. He explained this focus on the artwork’s surroundings by saying ‘My interest was always in space. I was thinking not of the object itself, but how the object would look in a room’.

At John Jones we are very excited to be producing custom made light boxes for the exhibition, which we hope will complement Chihuly’s work brilliantly!

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