Ark Nova: the World First Inflatable Concert Hall Designed by Anish Kapoor

Ark Nova: the World First Inflatable Concert Hall Designed by Anish Kapoor

British Sculptor Anish Kapoor and Japanese Architect Arata Isozaki have designed a giant inflatable concert hall called ‘Ark Nova’.

This project showcases great architectural design and innovation whilst helping to rebuild communities in the wake of natural disasters. Kapoor was looking to push the boundaries of design to expand on his inflatable sculpture ‘Leviathan’ showcased at the Grand Palais in Paris. We think it is a great example of how we should look to apply design!

In 2011 Japan was hit by an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale and a tsunami that killed nearly 19,000 people and sparked the Fukushima atomic accident, the worst of its kind in a generation. Kapoor said; “I hope that the devastation can be overcome by creativity. Music can give solace and bring community together".

The 18 meter high, 30x36 metre wide, 500 seat, concert hall consists of a single skin purple polyester membrane that is easily inflated or deflated. This enables its transportation around the disaster hit North Eastern coast of Japan.

The stage is set for a free programme of world-class concerts and workshops brought together by the organisers of the Swiss Lucerne Festival. The programme has been running since October and has included performances by the likes of the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Ark Nova was financed for three years of performances, so although the concert hall is currently in storage, we can’t wait for the release of its next location!

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