Andrew Holmes – ‘The Golden Hour’

Andrew Holmes – ‘The Golden Hour’

After over a decade as friend and framer to hyper-realist extraordinaire, Andrew Holmes, we are thrilled to introduce his most exciting solo-show to date. ‘The Golden Hour’ will be held from 20th March at the Ace Museum in Los Angeles - an area of the West Coast which has inspired many of the subjects featured in the show.

From a vibrant close up of shiny new paint work, to the desolate image of an upturned abandoned truck, the exhibition is focused around the impact of an ‘oil hungry civilisation.’ The colour pencil drawings, which are some of his most recent works, are as meticulous and vivid as ever. It is clear in their realism that the works are drawn from the artist’s own photographs; although any photographic or human sense of perspective is superseded as both foreground and background are equal in clarity and focus.

Holmes’s video installations will complement the hyper-realistic drawings brilliantly, and combined, will offer guests a unique, high-definition take on the American roadside.

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