A Million Minutes

A Million Minutes

Writers, musicians, artists and performers and makers of all kinds have come together with the people of Islington to develop new work that is based on their everyday experiences of the neighbourhood’s last one million minutes (or two years!).

The charming, intriguing and at times challenging projects such as flying mothers, charity shop poetry, human clocks and singing traffic wardens are just some of the spectacles to have hit Finsbury Park and Archway in recent months. Here at John Jones we are looking forward to the prospect of supporting these exciting local projects with the help of our brand new project space, set to open in the coming months!

The project’s most recent commission is Sarah Cole’s ‘In-Kind’, which focuses on the too often over-looked efforts of carers. A performance vehicle will make house calls to the workplaces and homes of Islington’s carers, offering them a contemplative moment of peace amid the routines and challenges of daily life during an intimate 20-30 minute performance for one.

Performances run from 4th – 28th February 2014 and booking is essential. Any carer can request a house call on 07940 557 710 for a much-needed moment of respite!

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