Richard Caldicott – Envelope Drawings

Richard Caldicott – Envelope Drawings

We are delighted to be showcasing a series of striking Envelope Drawings by artist Richard Caldicott, creator of stunning abstract compositions and geometric forms.

Caldicott’s drawings, comprising of unique ink jets and other works on paper, reflect the artist’s instantly recognisable visual aesthetic, made famous by his photographic work. In these new works on paper, Derek Horton argues that their primary material is colour:

‘These are not coloured things but things made of colour’

This mastery of colour and linear composition creates atmospheric and seductive work, which can be relayed in infinite variations using a very simple structure. It is this simplicity which Horton believes ‘generates the real depth of its visual sophistication’. Within each drawing the artist balances line and colour against empty space, creating an elegant composition with an architectural quality. In some of the works, shapes appear to dance, float and defy gravity, which could be interpreted as an animated visualisation of sound.

The drawings have been framed by John Jones craftspeople to the finest museum quality for their long term preservation. To view the collection, please visit our Finsbury Park studios before Friday 20th December.

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