Jong Soo Kwon - The Feather Series

Jong Soo Kwon - The Feather Series

3D photography by Korean lenticular specialist Jong Soo Kwon will be displayed for the first time in Europe on November 21st at Barracuda Club! The event showcases Kwon’s Feather Series, which challenges the viewer’s interaction with 2D art by providing a heightened sense of perceived reality using lenticular technology.

Seung Hwan Park describes Kwon’s 3D photographic work as: “a new world that almost seems real, the illusion of space and depth is astounding!!

Each lenticular print consists of hundreds of merged photographs, all taken from differing perspectives. These shots are then layered in the exact position needed for the illusion of three-dimensional depth. This method brings the works closer to the world they depict and is gaining popularity with a growing list of artists frustrated by conventional photography’s limitations, including Damien Hurst and Chris Levine.

Kwon completed his design degree in Seoul, before traveling to New York to complete an MA in Studio Art. Upon returning to South Korea the artist started lecturing in Contemporary Photography whilst finishing his PhD and continuing his studio practice.

This event is organised by arts management company Twin Perspectives, and is a great chance to view work which challenges conventional photography - RSVP here

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