Hush - Fatales

Hush - Fatales

Photography by Ian Cox -

Newcastle based urban artist HUSH is well known for his passionate paintings inspired by Manga. His new solo exhibition entitled Fatales expands on the Japanese female form to explore modern day European seductresses. HUSH believes that ‘Progression is important’ and reasons that by including the female form in street art it can shed its masculine image and become ‘beautiful’.

HUSH took to painting after a change in his career spent working as an art director in the Far East. Since then he has successfully exhibited internationally and collaborated to create a range of snowboards. His current exhibition includes twelve paintings in a variety of sizes, as well as a selection of sketches that reveal the artist’s complex technical approach. A variety of media including acrylic paint, spray paint and screen inks are combined in a method which creates the impression of a collage of found materials.

When discussing his creative process, HUSH states “I go through all these different vibes in the studio, covering the canvas in paint, throwing my tags and dabs on it... it feels like the action of painting movement”.

The outsiders’ galleries in both London and Newcastle sell original works of art by Lazarides’ collection of artists. They aim to be completely dedicated to international emerging artists who exist ‘outside’ the conventional gallery system. View Hush’s paintings 1st - 23rd November at their London space in a brilliant example of contemporary street art.

Our Artist Surfaces team were delighted to produce wooden canvas stretchers for this exciting exhibition, hand-made from conservation grade materials to improve the longevity of the artist’s work. Shop the collection in our online store here.

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