Bob Dylan - Halcyon Gallery

Bob Dylan - Halcyon Gallery

The name Bob Dylan needs no introduction, an internationally renowned musician famed for selling over 110 million records and performing in more than 2,500 shows since 1988. The artist is less well known for his work as an author, film director, actor, radio host and visual artist. Building on the success of his first museum exhibition in Chemnitz, Germany in 2007, Mood Swings at Halcyon gallery is Bob Dylan’s most comprehensive art show yet.

“While Dylan has been a committed visual artist for more than four decades, this exhibition will cast new light on one of the world’s most important and influential cultural figures of our time.” Paul Green, president of Halcyon Gallery

The exhibition features a selection of different media including a series of unique graphic silkscreen works and re-appropriated metal sculptures. Although the mediums chosen vary, they share a common theme of re-contextualising constituent parts to create something new. The highlight of the show is surely Iron Gates, displayed for the very first time. The Gates are produced from vintage iron and other metal parts including a wrench, meat grinder and garden tools, which are welded to form new and interesting sculptures focusing on negative space.

Halcyon Gallery was established in 1982 and has 4 spaces internationally. John Jones are pleased to have designed a range of bespoke frames for Dylan’s 2-dimensional graphic works on display in this unique exhibition, which continues until 24th January.

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