The Perfect Death: Horizons

The Perfect Death: Horizons

The third in a popular series of ‘The Perfect ……’ group exhibitions opens this week at The Lion and Lamb! Organised by painters Phillip Allan and Vanessa Jackson, the show focuses on the horizon as a site of continual reflection and promises to be another exciting instalment.

‘Each one of us will bring our own histories to the experience of gazing towards that space to where the sky meets the sea, and this exhibition is only a glimpse.’

The collection will offer a glimpse into the obsession of looking out to the unobtainable and revelling in the melancholy or wonderment it holds. Through the act of looking at the horizon and questioning it, the artists ask the viewer to make the comparison: ‘Is it a bit like painting?’

Situated within a typical East London pub just a few minutes from Hoxton Square, The Lion and Lamb provides a platform for artists to curate painting exhibitions in order to contemplate and question contemporary practices in the discipline. This latest show is no exception.

In 2012 The Perfect: Nude exhibited 119 artists across 3 different venues with a fantastic response, and this year’s 23 selected artists hope to replicate their success. Look out for work by our long-time client and friend Danny Rolph on display!
The Perfect Death runs from 12th October until 2nd November.

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