Sadie Coles opens new gallery space

Sadie Coles opens new gallery space

Sadie Coles HQ has expanded their oeuvre and opened a dramatic new 6000 sq ft space on Kingly Street in central London! The stunning nineteenth century building (a former nightclub) has been transformed into a minimal space flooded with natural light and double height ceilings throughout. This enormous site will allow the gallery so take on an ambitious programme of exhibitions, starting with a solo collection of work by American painter Ryan Sullivan. The artist’s large-scale work focuses on the physical properties of the paint medium. Created on the floor, the artist then lifts and tilts the support allowing the contents to move and spill;

‘Material movement becomes the agent of composition –reinforcing the idea of painting as a temporal entity, and reminding us that ‘painting’ denotes both a process and an outcome’

The collection is also dominated by the intervention of spray paint, a mass-produced readymade which the artist punctures with a drawing pin and then allows the contents to spray across the canvas for 30-40 seconds. Sullivan likens this ‘controlled explosion’ to the act of ‘shining a bright light against a textured surface’, replicating the movement of light and shadow.

The new space will also play host to a cabinet-style gallery for smaller projects. View their inaugural exhibition until 2nd November.

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