Rob and Nick Carter at The Fine Art Society Contemporary

Rob and Nick Carter at The Fine Art Society Contemporary

The Fine Art Society Contemporary is presenting a major solo exhibition of work by British artistic duo and John Jones clients Rob and Nick Carter, celebrating 15 years of their collaborative practice! Entitled ‘Transforming’, this new body of work engages with Old Master artworks of the past by transforming them into ‘digital paintings’. The original painting is brought to life in a detailed piece of time-based new media art which changes and shifts before the viewer’s eyes. In ‘Transforming Nude Painting’, based upon Giorgione’s Sleeping Venus, the scene passes slowly from dawn to dusk and viewers can notice the gentle rise and fall of the protagonist’s chest as she sleeps. In ‘Transforming Diptych’, based upon a pair of paintings created in 1765 by Justus Juncker, a butterfly leaves one frame and reappears moments later in the second artwork. Thanks to the sophisticated programming of creative studio MPC, the cycle of activity which takes place in the work cannot be predicated or repeated.

This combination of traditional painting with digital practice attempts to showcase new technology as ‘dynamic and groundbreaking’ in contrast to the ‘soullessness, image overload’ reputation it so often carries. The collection marks huge developments in digital rendering and sculpting and was inspired by the startling statistic that the average time we spend looking at an artwork in a museum or gallery is just 6 seconds.

‘These time based media works encourage us to look again and reward sustained engagement, bringing a remote historical period back into focus.’

Our team was thrilled to create ornate Dutch master inspired frame designs for key pieces within this collection. The frames have been specially designed to house the artwork digital tablet and allow a power supply lead to enter the back of the frame.

This exhibition will be on display 4th October – 2nd November.

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