Pierre Bergian drawings acquired by British Museum

Pierre Bergian drawings acquired by British Museum

Visitors to the British Museum, one of the most celebrated historical and cultural institutions in the world, can now enjoy the work of Pierre Bergian within the museum collection. Two stunning drawings by the Belgian artist have been acquired by the Department of Prints and Drawings, a collection of 50,000 drawings and over two million prints dating from the beginning of the fifteenth century up to the present day.

Bergian is famed for his atmospheric oil paintings, inspired by a knowledge and devoted interest in Art History and Archaeology. Described as a ‘visual poet of the interior’, his subjects are rooms void of presence, sometimes containing a sparse selection of furnishings such as a ladder, piano or table. These paintings combine old abandoned spaces with objects that inspired the artist as a child and stem from his fascination with emptiness. Through each piece, Bergian focuses upon composition and atmosphere, achieved through an exaggeration of the natural light and shadow in the spaces he paints:

‘I never paint artificial light. I love sunshine coming into a room with a lot of shadow…. Especially in old houses, when this light reflects on the walls, floor and ceiling.’

Our team were thrilled to design a bespoke presentation solution for Bergian’s work earlier this year in his solo exhibition Pictures of Paintings, Paintings of Pictures at Purdy Hicks gallery. A selection of the artist’s work will be available to purchase during the 12th Korean International Art Fair 3rd – 7th October, an internationally celebrated event showcasing approximately 1,500 artists. Purdy Hicks will be representing Bergian alongside Jonathan Delafield Cook, Susan Derges, Ralph Fleck and Tom Hunter. Highlights are set to include Fleck’s painted cityscapes and Hunter’s photographs of East London.

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