Nigel Cooke - Stuart Shave/Modern Art London

Nigel Cooke - Stuart Shave/Modern Art London

Nigel Cooke, Prospectors, 2013, oil on linen backed with sailcloth, 230 x 320 x 5.1 cm, 90 1/2 x 126 x 2 1/8 ins

Fans of high quality contemporary oil painting will be flocking to Stuart Shave Modern Art this month for a glimpse of the latest body of work by Nigel Cooke! A total of four new works all created over the last year will be on display in his first London show for over three years. Each piece layers atmospheric landscapes and architectural forms with closely painted objects including books, glasses, candles, and decaying fruit. The artist’s classical painting techniques and subject matter make reference to the history of painting; however Cooke interlaces these traditions with unusual images of ethereal figures smoking inside flowers and floating eyeballs, adding a sinister and surreal edge to the work.

At over 3 metres by 2 metres in size, these large-scale dramatic canvases dominate the Stuart Shave exhibition space, creating a powerful collection on display until November 16th.

"Our modern illusions of progress and sophistication are destroyed by the humiliations of the creative process generally, and for me the complexities of the painting process specifically." Nigel Cooke

Nigel Cooke was born in Manchester in 1973 and currently lives and works in Kent. He was awarded his PhD in Fine Art from Goldsmith's and his MA Fine Art from the Royal College of Art and his work has featured in solo exhibitions at both the South London Gallery and Tate Britain.

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