Juan Carlos Stekelman - Austin/Desmond

Juan Carlos Stekelman - Austin/Desmond

Austin/Desmond is gearing up to present a solo exhibition of works by Argentinian artist Juan Carlos Stekelman, opening 11th October – 15th November. The show celebrates 25 works on paper produced during the 1960s and 70s when Stekelman spent time in both New York and London. The artist now lives and works in Argentina, experimenting with colour and expressive lines in an effort to edge away from the monochrome colour pallet which dominated his earlier practice. Stekelman’s work re-imagines forms and expressions of the figurative, encouraging simultaneous feelings of both horror and humour within the viewer.

“Stekelman upends the conventions of portraiture, creating with his close-up heads and busts a striking array of idiosyncratic and sometimes recognisable characters.” Professor Dawn Ades

Austin/Desmond was founded in 1979 and moved to its current location in Bloomsbury in 1988. The gallery looks to include Modern British art, promoting and exhibiting aspects of the genre that had dropped out of favour. This stunning exhibition has been organised in conjunction with the Lodeveans collection, a selection of international contemporary art acquired by long-time John Jones clients and friends Stuart and John Evans. We are delighted to have designed and produced bespoke framing for much of their collection, including key pieces by Stekelman himself.

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