History: Adam Neate, portraits 2006 - 2013

History: Adam Neate, portraits 2006 - 2013

Before stepping into the gallery scene, Adam Neate was known for leaving some 6,000 cardboard artworks in the streets of London for people to find free of charge (or unknowingly throw away!) and became something of an urban legend. Since these modest beginnings, the artist has become famous for creating a unique style which aims to ‘drag painting forward to compete with the modern day barrage of visual media’. With no formal art school training, Adam states he ‘learnt about colour and composition simply through practise. The critics were there every day’ and has been mentored by Elms Lesters Director Paul Jones since 2005. With works held in 29 countries across the globe, Adam has now cemented his position as ‘the British Figurative Painter of his generation’.

Elms Lesters Painting Rooms is set to present a retrospective exhibition of the artist’s portraits produced between 2006 and 2013, marking seminal points in his career. The collection documents the clear progression from Adam’s early expressionist works to more recent dimensional paintings incorporating a complex range of materials such as Perspex, metal, fabrics, led lighting, holograms, lenticulars and film. Works from international collectors have been loaned for display in HISTORY, a non-selling historical overview of a unique talent. As the chosen framer for Adam’s work throughout his career, this exhibition also showcases the artist’s journey with John Jones, as our consultants created ever more bold presentation solutions to match his increasingly progressive style.

View the collection 16th November – 14th December.

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