Media Space - Only In England

Media Space - Only In England

Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr at Media Space, London from 21 September 2013 – 16 March 2014


London’s brand new Media Space is a collaboration between the Science Museum (London) and the National Media Museum (Bradford), designed to showcase the National Photography Collection of the National Media Museum and explore visual media, technology and science.

Their inaugural exhibition will display over 100 works by photographer Tony Ray-Jones alongside 50 rarely before seen black and white images by Magnum photographer and long-time John Jones client Martin Parr. Taken between 1966 and 1969, this body of work by Tony Ray-Jones documents English customs and identity in a humorous and yet melancholic fashion. Ray-Jones tragically died at the age of 30 from Leukaemia, however his short career has had a lasting influence on British photography. Martin Parr studied the artist’s work at Manchester Polytechnic in the 1970’s and was inspired to produce The Non-Conformists in Hebdon Bridge as a result. Martin has since gone on to become an ‘internationally renowned photographer, filmmaker, collector and curator, best-known for his highly saturated colour photographs critiquing modern life’.

This exciting exhibition has been curated in part by Martin Parr himself, who was invited to select 50 works by Tony Ray-Jones from 2700 contact sheets and negatives in the archive.

‘The combination of Martin Parr and Tony Ray-Jones’s work will allow the viewer to trace an important trajectory through the history of British photography, and present new ways of thinking about photographic histories through creative use of our collections.’ Greg Hobson, curator of Photographs at the National Media Museum

Only In England will run 21st September – 16th March and has been framed by John Jones craftspeople to a museum quality.

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