ING Discerning Eye Open Exhibition

ING Discerning Eye Open Exhibition

The Discerning Eye is an educational charity established in 1990 with the objective of increasing our appreciation and awareness of art in society, as well as encouraging us to think and talk about the art world more. One of the charity’s key contributions to art in the UK is their annual exhibition of small works at The Mall Galleries in London. 

Submissions are welcomed from any artist before the deadline date of 7th September and are shortlisted for display by one of six eminent artists, collectors and critics. This year’s selectors include the renowned Stephen Farthing RA, Llloyd Grossman OBE, Professor Deborah Swallow and Liz Anderson!

The exhibition not only offers a rare and privileged opportunity for emerging artists to display their work alongside internationally recognised names, but also presents the possibility of winning a lucrative cash prize. ING, who sponsor the exhibition, will award £5000 to the winner of the Purchase Prize, and a combined prize winnings of up to £8500 will be presented to the remaining winners.

The exhibition will take place from 14th - 24th November, 2013. Click here to apply now!