Idris Khan - Victoria Miro

Idris Khan - Victoria Miro

Idris Khan, Peaceful Stillness, 2013

Famed for his multi-layered photographic artwork inspired by diverse ‘musical scores, literary texts, and the history of art and photography’, Idris Khan is gearing up to present the brand new exhibition ‘Beyond the Black’ at Victoria Miro gallery.  Khan’s practice has previously referred to the writings of Agnes Martin and Jean Paul Sartre, however this latest body of work  moves in a new direction to focus upon his own texts influenced by Fredrick Nietzsche’s ‘The Birth of Tragedy’. Drawing upon his interest in creating and erasing, Khan has produced large-scale dramatic paintings by layering text in red-black oil based paint, alongside a series of works on paper. Visitors can also enjoy an enormous site specific wall drawing created over a period of one month on the gallery’s upper level floor. The piece will consist of over 120,000 lines of text in a giant radial form and allows visitors to experience first-hand how the artist’s work is made.

“The title Beyond the Black asks you to think of looking past the surface of the painting, past the existence of the words and through the work to the meaning of its creation."  Idris Khan

This exhibition runs 20th Sept-9th Nov and John Jones is pleased to have designed and produced the bespoke frames and aluminium panels for this exciting exhibition.

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