David Nash - Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection

David Nash - Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection

With a career spanning over 50 years, David Nash is celebrated as one of the UK’s foremost sculptors, exploring the living nature of wood throughout his practice.

‘I am a researcher into the science and anthropology of trees and the wood they produce. For every culture and civilisation, wood is a fundamental survival material for building, defending, cooking and so much more. I’m also a maker of objects that are motivated by an idea, an attitude of a healthy relationship with our outer skin, the environment’. David Nash

Drawing has been a fundamental aspect of Nash’s practice for many years, both as preparatory work for his sculptures and as a response to 3-dimensional pieces he has already created. Traditional media including charcoal and pastel are combined with natural materials such as mud to create a permanent link between his drawings and the locations which inspired them.

John Jones is pleased to be framing four prints by the Royal Academician for display at the Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection. The Collection brings works of art into hospitals to enhance the environment for patients, staff and visitors and transform a clinical and often intimidating space into an uplifting place where art can be enjoyed.

The prints are based upon Ash Dome, one of the most celebrated of Nash’s living sculptures. In 1977 twenty two ash saplings were planted in a circle and guided to grow into a dome shape. The artist then made several drawings to document the changing appearance of Ash Dome in different seasons and weather. These four striking prints can now be viewed at the Nuclear Imaging Department at Charing Cross Hospital.

Nash is represented in national and international collections including the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff; Arts Council of Great Britain, London; British Council, London and Tate, London.

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