Art & Patronage in The Middle East

Art & Patronage in The Middle East

Art & Patronage in The Middle East is the last in a series of publications that is the first of its kind to capture the flourishing development that has taken place in Middle Eastern art patronage over recent years.  The book presents over one hundred profiles of a fascinating and varied selection of the region’s most eminent patrons, art collectors and institutional leaders who constitute the driving force behind the cultural transformation of the Middle East. Editor and John Jones client Hossein Amirsadeghi explained that celebrating and encouraging patronage is essential because without it, ‘there would be little sustained artistic production’.

Each account combines interviews and in-depth biographical narrative to give a compelling summary of each subject’s history, life and career.  The addition of exclusive photographs of the subjects in their private surroundings offers an intimate and privileged view, not only of their precious artworks but also of their relationships, families and homes.

The book leaves behind it the political orientation that has too often tainted discourse on the Middle East, and instead looks to the positive effects that a burgeoning art world has had on the making of a culturally rich, progressive civil society. Amirsadeghi fulfils his objective to ‘enlighten and encourage’ by delivering a book that is inspirational to the general global public and individual specialist readers alike.

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