Sarah Myerscough Gallery - Landscaped

Sarah Myerscough Gallery - Landscaped

The latest exhibition at Sarah Myerscough Gallery challenges traditional interpretations of ‘landscape’ and questions how contemporary scenery is visually constructed. The landscape of the modern day is no longer purely natural and must now be considered in conjunction with industrial language. Does this contemporary scene offer less beauty than the traditional ‘sublime’ view of our world? The three artists on display in ‘Landscaped’ argue not.

Andrew Mackenzie’s paintings affirm the beauty of his native Scotland whilst also celebrating its embedded cultural constructs (e.g. viewing platforms and reservoirs).

Jenny Pockley transforms the landscape of her native Kent into ‘swathes of pigment and vast skies’, using a muted colour palette to represent the industrial horizon.

We are delighted that our long-term client Sachiyo Nishimura is also exhibiting stunning photography in this show. The artist deconstructs and then recomposes elements of the urban landscape that are regularly overlooked – such as public wiring between rail and tram routes – to propose another version of the cityscape.

This exhibition is on display 11th July – 3rd August, 2013.

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