WYNG Masters Award

WYNG Masters Award

Ko Chung Ming, 2012, From the series 'Cents' Mansion

The WYNG Masters Award has been established to nurture the growth of photography as an art form in Hong Kong whilst raising awareness of socially important issues to the region and its residents. The theme of the 2013 award is air, as Hong Kong is wrestling with the health, economic and social effects of its deteriorating air quality. Artists based both in Hong Kong and internationally are invited to submit photographic work related to Hong Kong and the 2013 theme for the chance to win one of two grants – a 250,000 HKD cash prize and a WYNG Project commission to develop a photographic project highlighting ‘air’. The winners will be selected by a prestigious panel of international judges, and all shortlisted works will be exhibited in Hong Kong in Spring 2014. According to a University of Hong Kong study, air pollution has led to well over 3,000 premature deaths, more than 20,000 daily doctors' visits and a monetary loss of 39 billion HKD a year. As Asia's leading financial centre, Hong Kong's position is under threat as businesses relocate to alternative countries—citing mounting health concerns as a primary reason. Hong Kong's government recently announced initiatives to tackle the problem of its polluted air, and their efforts will be watched closely by residents. This award is an opportunity for photographers to engage in this exciting debate and develop their careers in a region with a thriving cultural district.

Enter your work before 17th September for the chance to win.

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