Katy Vetch - Gallery Muse

Katy Vetch - Gallery Muse

Photographic artist and John Jones client Katy Vetch is gearing up to exhibit a brand new collection of work with Juliet Larken entitled ‘CHAPTER’ at the new Gallery Muse in Petersfield, Hampshire.

Vetch has created a series of life-like archival inkjet prints depicting open sketchbooks and a vintage Cartes Postales album containing collaged photographs which have been worked over in pencil and paint. Working closely with photographer Stephane Rocher, Vetch utilised her collaborator’s knowledge to reproduce the open book as a fine art print. The collage aspect of the collection marks the artist’s desire to be more physically involved in her work and introduces a new dynamic to the photographs.

This unique series has been derived from a collection of travel experiences, including a particular road trip through Mexico.  Inspired by William Eggleston and Wolfgang Tillmans, the works capture ephemeral, fleeting moments from the artist’s travels, as opposed to presenting the great cultural monuments of the world.

Our design team were pleased to present the collection within a series of hand-made wooden frames, cut in a simple square profile shape and sprayed to a pale grey finish. A specialist foil lining inside the frame protects the prints from gases released by the wood over time, whilst plastic fillets ensure the glazing never comes into direct contact with the photographs. Each piece has been protected with our finest quality ‘water white’ frame glass, containing a UV light filter and a low glare coating for long-term conservation.

This exhibition runs from 17th June – 13th July and can be viewed Thursday – Saturday 11 – 6pm.

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