Jill McManners - Flowers of Basalt

Jill McManners - Flowers of Basalt

Jill McManners is a Lancashire born painter and sculptor, currently producing work inspired by the impressive geological formations of Basalt rock of the Outer Hebridean Shiant Isles, situated in the Minch east of the coast of Harris / Lewis .

Sulphur occurs in natural deposits on the edges of volcanoes. When these sulphurous vapours condense on the colder rock surfaces around a crater it resembles the lichen on these Basalt cliff faces. Under a microscope the sulphur crystals are said to look like flowers and are known as 'Flowers of Sulphur'.

During various trips to the islands, McManners has made an extensive photographic record of the cliffs as reference for large-scale watercolour paintings. Using this digital source material she produced the 'Flowers of Basalt', a series of giclee prints focused on the colours and structures of the landscape. The artist made some of these flowers into a limited edition collection of prints entitled 'Kaleidoscope', which can be hung together or in small groups.  In a child's kaleidoscope, chunky and  rocky pieces of colour rotate to create different  patterns. In these striking prints, they rotate to construct flower faces out of the rocks, cliffs, tidal areas and sea water colours.

The Merville Galleries will soon be showcasing a collection of these beautiful prints at the "20 / 21 British Art Fair"  at the Royal College of Art. This event runs from the 11th -  15th Sept. 2013 and John Jones is delighted to be creating a bespoke framing solution to display these unusual works.

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